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It was past 9 last night when I decided to do my veggie shopping, and I was hoping that there would be a shop which would be still open. I was lucky as there was one in the process of winding up!

A tall, healthy woman beckoned me as I hesitantly walked in, and, said that I could come in as the shop was still open.

I couldn’t help but notice that she was segregating all the veggies and putting them in different sacks. Just then, a couple of men came in an auto and started taking away those sacks. I looked surprised at them, but continued with my purchase.

As I got ready to get the veggies billed , I made a last minute dash at the bundles of spinach stacked away in a corner, but, the woman stopped me and requested me if I could come the next day and pick up a fresh bundle !

I was rather pleased with her frank answer and went on to ask her what she would do with the old greens. She gave me a nice, warm, broad smile and told me that they actually use the spinach in making yummy Keera Vadai in their restaurant down the road.

Seeing my somewhat surprised expression, she asked me if I kept my veggies in the fridge, to which I nodded. She told me that she did too. Along with her husband she ran ‘Lakshmi fast Foods’, a little restaurant down the road. I was welcome to have a cup of tea there, anytime, she said.

She spoke about customer satisfaction and how the two of them worked very hard to keep all their customers happy.

There was so much pride and conviction in the way she presented her ‘tea shop ‘ to me that I got to know a new dimension in the way one interacts with customers ! There was sheer delight on her face as she shared all this with me and for me, that took the word ‘enterprising’ to a whole new level !

As I walked away, I thanked Lakshmi for making me a part of her ’customer satisfaction’.


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