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Stories can act as powerful motivators and students can greatly benefit from them. Apart from keeping my storytelling sessions lively and interactive, I often attempt to use these tales as tools of motivation and to help the students communicate ideas, develop their listening and presentation skills, and overall build their self-confidence and leadership. In this capacity, I have been leading a course at the Chennai Business School on personal storytelling and leadership.

Storytelling is a great medium of expression to communicate ideas compellingly. In my interactions with teachers, theatre practitioners and working professionals as an instructor, I have often realised that stories help them open their minds to imaginations that are not constrained or contained. I help them explore their imaginations, build a narrative, establish a connection with the audience and use these stories as mediums of innovation.


The session was pleasant and friendly. It was a nice experience and your interaction was lively. The participants saw some interesting takeaways from the session and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • General overall feedback on the session collected from the participants

  • The videos shown as an example for the things were good.

  • Visual and lively examples, interactive session.


Few interesting things which they learned were:

  • Ownership, problem-solving, and Listening

  • Should take ownership, read and re-read content before taking action, time is much important

  • Listening skill, Leadership quality, To be Responsible, Not to be procrastinated

~ Archana Sreeram, Manager, HR

Exeter Premedia

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  • Once upon a time – Online Storytelling Event – PST Time Zone
    Once upon a time – Online Storytelling Event – PST Time Zone
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    Sun, 27 Jun
    27-Jun-2021, 10:00 am – 10:45 am GMT-7
    Zoom Meetings
    27-Jun-2021, 10:00 am – 10:45 am GMT-7
    Zoom Meetings
    Listen to Elmer the Elephant, The Koala Who Could & Anansi, the Spider being narrated by Master Storyteller Janaki Sabesh.


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