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Storytelling for Adults

"For me, every memory is a story that needs to be told"

Stories are often seen as just for children. However, adults appreciate stories and find them engaging, entertaining and relaxing.  Stories help create motivation, develop empathy, shift perspectives and behaviours in adults.

From folklore to mythology to inspirational and motivational stories, there exists a variety of stories that can be adapted for different types of occasions and scenarios exclusively for adults. 


Sessions like Melody and Memory, Kitchen Tales, Unnal Mudiyum Thangachi (for homemakers), One Step at a Time (for students), Katha Kelu Katha Kelu (for women Police personnel), The Other Sita, Taboodana Tales, Margazhi Trails, Agni has garnered a wide sense of appreciation.


Janaki's rendition of unheard tales of Sita's - woven from a blend of different sources - was soulful and enchanting. Interspersed with lilting tunes she took us from Sita and Ram's swayamvar to deep into the forests witnessing their vanvaas to the waterfall where Sita meets Ahalya, and then again to Valmiki's ashram, much later in time. Her encounter with Surpanakha brought home the idea of a shared sisterhood, as they hold hands in solidarity. Whether one person's imagination or of a collective feminine one, these stories were a joy to witness through Janaki's inimitable dramatised style. Happy to have our share of stories beyond what kids get to enjoy from her!


- Akanksha Thakore Srinivasan

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  • Once upon a time – Online Storytelling Event – PST Time Zone
    Once upon a time – Online Storytelling Event – PST Time Zone
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    Sun, 27 Jun
    27-Jun-2021, 10:00 am – 10:45 am GMT-7
    Zoom Meetings
    27-Jun-2021, 10:00 am – 10:45 am GMT-7
    Zoom Meetings
    Listen to Elmer the Elephant, The Koala Who Could & Anansi, the Spider being narrated by Master Storyteller Janaki Sabesh.


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