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Is it okay for a boy to express his sadness through tears? Let us find out!

This is a story that originally appeared in ParentCircle magazine and

Is it okay for boys to cry? Why is this act of crying considered such a big deal and frowned upon by society? This comic strip explores this sensitive topic in detail.

Illustrations by Saravana Kumar

Since time immemorial, societal norms have dictated that a boy crying is very ‘unlike’ his gender. A boy is supposed to be as far away as possible from emotions and tears. Your son falls on the playground but does not shed tears, the neighbor’s son hits his head on the sidewall when running down the hallway but gets up and continues running. These are the types of behavior that are seen as 'acceptable' for men.

But, why cannot a boy express his pain or sadness? Or cry it away? Is it that big a deal? Why do people say boys should not cry? A look.

Did you know?

When you cry, you take deeper breaths than usual. Deep breathing reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and this, in turn, lowers stress levels.

Crying also triggers your body to release oxytocin or the feel-good hormone. This makes you feel better and at ease. So, it is okay to cry.


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