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Inculcating The Love For Reading Through Storytelling

by Lakshmi Mitter

Everyone likes stories, even children. They love listening to stories any time, provided ofcourse you have a good story to tell. So why then do many children hate the idea of picking up a storybook to read and enjoy? Reading Journey by MerryGoBooks caught up with actress, media professional, children’s book author and a renowned storyteller-Ms. Janaki Sabesh, in a humble attempt to find the answer to that very important question.

For those of you who have not had the wonderful opportunity to meet the lady in person as she takes you on a fantastic journey into the world of stories, she is a powerful story teller who compels you to listen. Parents often feel the desire to sit with their kids during her story telling sessions, just to listen to her and perhaps feel starry eyed like a child, listening to the beautiful tales she tells.

She runs her own storytelling initiative called Golpo- Tales Unlimited. As a part of this initiative, she travels to many places to tell children all over India, beautiful stories. She also conducts storytelling workshops for parents and teachers, the focus of which is the productive uses of storytelling. Her storytelling sessions are a mix of entertaining stories combined with music and movements that keep children and parents enthralled during storytelling sessions. She is regularly invited by renowned children’s book publishers such as Karadi Tales and Tulika to tell children, the variety of stories they publish.


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