Storytelling for professionals

Using stories to teach, inspire, mobilise and dream

Stories, if used at the right time, with the right context, can serve as a medium to solve a complex issue, make a rather heavy situation light, or just serve as a stress buster!

They communicate very complex ideas in very accessible ways.

Storytelling in a work setting will help teams develop skills to engage with their work and their colleagues in a more meaningful fashion. Stories help build empathy and curiosity, enhancing the work experiences of leaders and their teams. Janaki has presented workshops for employees at corporates, government organisations and NGOs

Working Professionals

Stories can act as powerful motivators and students can greatly benefit from them. Janaki’s sessions engage students with fun as well as meaningful stories that motivate them and help them communicate ideas, develop their listening and presentation skills, and overall build their self-confidence and leadership. 

She leads a course at the Chennai Business School on personal storytelling and leadership.

Academic Institutions

Janaki trains teachers, theatre practitioners and working professionals in the art of storytelling.  In this training, participants learn the benefits of storytelling, how to build a narrative and establish a connection with the audience, and how to use stories to communicate ideas in a compelling way.


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