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Jab I met SRK!

It was one of those rare moments in my life where I actually wanted a photo of mine taken with this man…this friend… this phenomenon called SRK ! And once I was successful in my mission I was simply over the moon !!

At the audio release function of RaOne in Chennai , I managed to get close up to a point when he saw me and exclaimed “Janaki” and gave me this tight warm hug which said so many things without actually saying it ! He even whispered…”I’ll call you “ much to my amazement !

All those memories of having spent a year together in a film school studying, doing projects , attending plays at Sri Ram Centre and discussing films over pots and pots of chai , amma making him the south indian filter coffee he so liked at home , gifting him a tokri of vegetables on his birthday bash and then dancing to all kinds of music thru the night with all our friends ….gosh it was like a rewind trip down memory lane….21 yrs back !!!

A side of SRK that never gets spoken about is his "ready to help always " attitude. And so when I asked him several years ago, if he would spend a few minutes with a specially abled child, who was a diehard SRK fan, he immediately agreed and spent almost an hour at a dubbing studio in Chennai in his lunch break !! Thank you Shah Rukh..we too never forget J

Why so much about a 2 mins meeting one might ask…for me it confirms a belief that old friends do not forget and the feeling of happiness that the thought and fact brings in me !

Friendship is a feeling that can start from wherever it paused…just pick up the threads and move on….It’s one of the cases where you apply the phrase “no silly feelings” and just continue !

Something I read recently feels so apt here …”you don’t have to do much to spread happiness…you just have to be happy yourself “


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