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Panjavarnam Penn - Janaki Sabesh & Dhwani Sabesh

by Vijayalakshmi Ganesh

Panjavarnam Penn has been long overdue. But we have a special duo who have so much to share with us. And yes, we’ve finally taken a break from our Singer spree. Our dynamic Panjavarnam Penn duo are masters of all trades - Theatre & Film Actors, Singers, women who take the corporate world by the storm, they are more than just a Mother-Daughter duo. They are Mom-Daughter Goals.

An excellent film/theatre actor, an amazing storyteller and of course a kick-ass mom, we have Janaki Sabesh and her ever-so-talented baker, chef, theatre actor / corporate go-getter daughter Dhwani Sabesh, as an ode to Mother’s day for May’s issue of Panjavarnam Penn. Be in a room with Janaki & Dhwani and the atmosphere is electric. There are so many stories that they have to share. You also get to see the love and friendship in this beautiful relationship, a classic example is daughter Dhwani mothering her mom Janaki.


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