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An accomplished actor, Janaki’s body of work spans films across all South Indian languages and several modelling assignments

Janaki has modeled for popular brands including Cadbury's, NAC, KFJ & more



Janaki perfoms with several theatre groups and also conducts storytelling workshops for theatre practitioners

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Voice Overs

Janaki has brought many characters to life on screen, as a successful voice-over artiste.  Janaki expertise spans numerous genres

Voice Overs

Voice Overs

Voice is always a powerful tool when it comes to taking stories to the audience. Your voice needs to be compelling of the nature of the character and precisely intonate the situation. I chanced upon the opportunity to lend my voice to some exquisite and interesting characters on the screen. I have been, in the last few years, professionally voice acting across various genres for children’s stories, radio, TV, film and television commercials and animation.

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